Refund Policy

Client must submit all the content, images and relevant details to start the project, if the client delays to submit the relevant documents, the project completion date will be adjusted accordingly.

CLIENT should provide the DEVELOPER with required admin logins to the system. DEVELOPER should keep the privacy of the login information and should not share them outside the development team.

The ownership of the Website, the Code and the Solution Developed will be claimed by the client immediately after approval of the final deliverable.

3 Major Updates are covered by the quotation. Any other updates are billable. CLIENT will be provided with training material on how to use the feature developed on request. Training for the system/website other than the featured developed by the DEVELOPER will not be provided.

No Refund will be issued if the CLIENT refuse to provide required documents, Logins and information.

If the DEVELOPER decided to cancel the project agreement due to an issue from the Developers end, CLIENT is entitled for a FULL REFUND.

If the CLIENT decided to cancel the project agreement without any issues from DEVELOPERS-End before starting the project No refunds will be issued.

IF the CLIENT fails to respond to the project update requests within 30 days of request, the project will be considered as finalized and closed, No update services will be provided under this quotation thereafter.

Ownership of the Content, Logo and Images are assigned to the CLIENT, DEVELOPER will not be responsible for the website content.

The DEVELOPER will have the rights of publishing the site under their portfolio mentioning the Functionality developed. With a note of the design credits to the Website Designer.